Our solution


We will use the excavated silt from the artificial lakes and use it to make nearby desert productive again. We have a comprehensive and complete system using siltated soil and water-saving irrigation systems which can be multiplied to any dried area in the world.




Step 1  —  RESEARCH

Our aim is to find out where are the world’s dams and their artificial lakes which are in risk of sedimentation and hence suitable for desert greening. We use artificial intelligence on satellite imagery to find out what is the risk class of each artificial lake.

Step 2  —  PROVE

We will carry out two 1 hectare pilot projects. These will start in 2018 in Dubai and in California. We will plant desert suitable plants like moringa peregrina tree, which is very efficient restoring dried land and absorbing CO2 in the atmosphere.

Step 3  —  EXPAND

We want to stop desertification and convert deserted areas to green again all around the world. Our system will restore any dried and unproductive land to productive again. Our system can be implemented in any deserted areas in the world.